Some of Parabuilding Supporters and What they're saying

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Amani Friend, Music Producer
Desert Dwellers

"It's important to document the unique underground cultures of electronic music and art."

Beth Preston, Singer Songwriter

"It is so generous how Alx offers his support and media resources to bands!"

Wilson Harwood, Singer Songwriter

"Alx is a community builder. His talents and work help propel the music community forward. I highly recommend his work and creativity."

Xerephine Musica

"Alx has recorded many of my shows for years and been respectful about privately sending me edited versions so I can release whilst acknowledging Parabuilding in my own time for free! This is a huge help to independent musicians such as myself who need as much help getting our art our there as possible!"

Bruce Baumann, Speaker + MC
We are Change Colorado

"The work done by Parabuilding is a foundational piece in our community. Without the documentation by Parabuilding, many memories would be just that, memories..."

JodiMonet Herstine, Dancer

"Alx is professional, available and on it!"

Tom Bassett Pic.jpg

Nate Hogan (aka Nature Dreamweaver), Artist + Peformer
Nature's Dreams

"In order to help cocreate and build the new paradigm we must have proper documentation through storytelling. Alx is providing an invaluable and heartfelt service to the community."



Barry Raphael Lumonics Light & Sound Gallery

Alx has videorecorded events at Lumonics, and it is absolutely the best footage anyone has ever recorded here. And a big plus: he is such a pleasure to work with!



Tom Bassett University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Class of 2011 · Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering · Champaign, Illinois

First and foremost I feel Alx is both a friend and companion on the path of bringing our world together, and I am very grateful for his presence in my life. In working with him, I have found that he has a strong dedication to make things work for everybody and to make sure things go smoothly. I have felt a good balance between the strong, get stuff done attitude, and the easy going, easy to communicate to personality, which is a pleasure to work with.


Kaypacha Lescher Astrologer at New Paradigm Astrology

As an astrologer/yoga teacher offering workshops, videos, and recordings to help raise consciousness I know the value and impact that recordings can have in reaching many people, bringing them together, networking, and helping to build a new future. Go Alx Go!



Cochise Baca

When it comes to documenting our live events we can relax knowing a professional is taking care of business. Alx's way of capturing and preserving live to archive is priceless!



Eric SugarSnap Pea Musician at Mbanza  

Alx has been soo on it when it comes to live sound recording and video! Thanks for capturing some amazing moments of all our talent and gifts In the community! Bless




Joel Davis Founder and Visionary at Festival Medicaland Event & Set Medic at Amphibious Medics

The performances Alx documents represent unique moments in time worthy of professional archival. He has an ear for the sublime, and we are blessed to have him around!



Robert Hewitt Creative Director at Golden Turtle Sound,Channel at OCC Presents and Sound Artist and Engineer at Treaphort  

It's awesome to have an archive of music from the generations..
In my case, especially, Parabuilding/Alx has captured some live sets that otherwise would've never been heard by persons other than who was there... Pretty cool, and quality.



Chloe Waykins Works at Intuit band

Alex has recorded many of our live shows, and done an excellent job ! We really appreciate his dedication and vision in the artist and musician community . Having shows recorded is extremely valuable to both artists and fans . Parabuilding is a presence that I want to support , and would love to see grow.



Adam Sommer Astrologer. Writer. Podcaster. Musician. 

I love Alx ethics and work. It's always been a good experience for me.





Andy Babb Singer/Songwriter/Producer at Andy Babb and the Big Beautiful Band & The Copper Children

Alx has shown up at many of our events for both the big beautiful band and the copper children, as well as other community events with his great personality and amazing videography skills. We are so thankful for his help and look forward to working with him again in the future




Sage Cook/We Dream Dawn

Alx really helped us out with getting a video clip made in short order, from archived material, material that I was afraid was lost. Way to save the day Alx!




Bridget Law/Elephant Revival

Culture and art act as conduits for innovative thinking and commoradery. Thanks to Parabuilding for helping artists share their work and therefore adding to the collective momentum of change and community!