We're co-creating a new earth economy based on cooperation, sharing and right livelihood

We achieve this through a live and digital platform connecting resonant efforts across locations and focus areas

Digital Platform 

Community profiles help people at all stages of development increase their exposure, connections and support. 

Profiles can be customized to direct people to existing websites, and/or they can replace the need for you to have to manage the development/promotions of an entire website. 

You can feature new paradigm products, programs, services and media  on your profile with streamlined e-commerce, donation, and feedback tools built in. 

Parabuilding also offers non-profit PR services for community members to leverage collective marketing.

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Sample Community Profiles

Live Platform

As powerful as the internet is in facilitating connections, the depth possible through live events is an essential counterpart to building resonance in community. 

Parabuilding produces and promotes grassroots events both locally in Colorado and in communities around the world.   

By allowing event participants to stay connected and meet others before and after an event via the digital platform,  we maximize the potential for synergy that starts at the event with ongoing opportunities to engage and collaborate. 

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Featured Events


Photos from the Land-Based Community Vision Council produced by Parabuilding January 2015  in Boulder, CO