We are co-creating a new earth economy based on cooperation, sharing and right livelihood.

While this offering is largely in response to emergent needs, our 15+ years of research have identified the highest leverage priorities, tools and systems for actualizing our full human potential including

  • Mindful and authentic leadership training for every member facilitating transparency, trust, resonance and accountability

  • Co-creative councils to activate your community and identify priorities, and/or councils focused on pre-established intentions for groups interested in maximizing collective intelligence, connections and synergy

  • Village building initiatives through leave a trace events (workshops/festivals), and growing a cooperatively owned global real estate network where people are members and can reside in or visit ecovillages around the planet

  • Developing alternative investment and retirement planning that reallocates savings into the real value of cooperative trusts instead of corporate markets, banks and traders

Photos from our latest Community event