At the cross roads of manifestation and belief we find choice. One main mission of Parabuilding is to remind folks we all live in Heaven on Earth. It’s what we truly believe at the core that manifest our current reality. Life situations and struggles occur to us all. Acceptance of this gray area... good & bad, black & white, god & the devil is part of the the sweet up and down which leads to true freedom for all beings. This Paradigm shift is occurring now and all the time through many different cultures and is multiplying exponentially with help of the internet of things. Do you have something to offer that can help change the world? What is your calling and what do you need to help make it happen? What kind of change do you want to see? Who will it affect? We want to hear from you! Please find time to reach out! We are "helping folks help themselves" by documenting "the movement of Now". From an Old Paradigm of control to a New Paradigm of Freedom. 



Co-creating a new paradigm economy

As a non-profit, we’re building a new paradigm economy based on sharing, mutual support and regenerative cycles of wealth uplifting grassroots offerings and co-creating abundance for all.

In short, this model can help you make money doing what you love through financial and social support. 


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