Sacred Synergy Activation Tour

There is a collective consciousness awakening on the planet.

The Sacred Synergy vision is to unify vision keepers locally and globally supporting a co-creative field of shared abundance so that we can accelerate the transition to a harmonious human presence on the planet.

Parabuilding sponsored this first pilgrimage starting in Boulder and journeying to Luminosity Festival on the Sunshine Coast in BC, San Juan Island, Seattle, Portland, Oregon Country Fair, Grants Pass, Ashland, Arcata, Harbin Hot Springs, Sebastopol, Santa Cruz, Malibu, Venice and Sedona! 

Lotus facilitated a council practice she's been innovating throughout the last decade that's all about supporting each person's vertical connection with source within a context of cultivating collective intention through the horizontal connection with commUnity. This practice can facilitate accelerated healing, connectedness, and overcome limited thought patterns in a matter of an hour (though continued practice is best for long-term impacts)!! 



Each Activation was unique and driven by the energies of those present. The overarching themes were about the deep yearning we all feel to live our dreams, and exchange support to do so through physical centers and an online network that will distribute wealth democratically rather than the hoarding model of most online platforms... 

We filmed dozens of visionaries speaking to their sacred work that they're activating in the world, and planted seeds for a new movement of unification and bridging mindfulness with action. The 30 day tour took every bit of energy and resources we had, and the following months have included a much needed pause and reflection period. Now we are gearing up to plan more extensive trainings, events and collaborations. 

Please get in touch with us if this is a project that you'd like to be connected with. 

Thanks, and blessings to one and all!!

Photos and Videos from the Tour