If only Pacha’s self-confidence was as big as her dreams. The night before the biggest dance performance of the year, a coughing fit causes a panic as to whether she will even be able to participate. Pacha’s parents calm her with a gift of magical pajamas, which take Pacha on an epic dream adventure to save the world from destruction. In her dream, Pacha befriends the animal and plant guides from her PJs. Upset about what is happening to their home, and after much disagreement, they organize a ginormous concert to preserve and unite all species. Despite her protests, Pacha ends up the host, and has to face her fear of speaking to crowds. To make things worse, she must prevent a terrifying parasitic takeover by Mr. Tick and his minion army, who aim to sabotage the future of life on earth. Will Pacha succeed in uniting the planet and wake up the children before it’s too late? 

Pacha’s Pajamas is available as a full-length album showcasing 70 artists spanning four generations and featuring celebrity artists including Mos Def, Cheech Marin, Les Nubians, Talib Kweli, Majora Carter, Lester Chambers, the Agape Youth Choir and Lyrics Born. The album also includes rising kid stars Bentley Green (9 million+ YouTube hits), Lil Jaxe, Ta’kaiya Blaney, Avalon Theisen, Amanda Raya, Felecity, Milo McFly, Jaheem, MC Fireworks and Devyn Tyson. 

Pacha's Pajamas is also available as a live performance, and will soon be available as an animated iBook and a chapter book,