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I am an Imagineer (Thank you Walt Disney Co. for coining the phrase)

Imagineering, for me, is building a bridge from here to a tomorrow of more joy, purpose and collaboration.

When I was four years old my family immigrated from Argentina to the U.S leaving behind extended family and community, this dislocation from a sense of belonging, is at the root of my mission; to co­-create places where individuals are nurtured in their gifts as a path to a thriving community.

I have imagineered a path to that community and will be detailing it in a series of blogs here on Parabuilding.

The steps will be:

  1. Find the right people
  2. Organize into teams
  3. Select the first site, build the village, plan for the next village.

The premise; A group of pioneers can be found and supported in building the first, in a network of, EcoVillage Makers District, run as a workers Cooperative Corporation.

I feel that veterans are the best choice for this endeavor because they have exemplified collaborative action and many have experienced deep feelings of isolation.

I look forward to getting feedback and working with others sharing this vision, and hope to break ground and live in this kind of community soon.

Blessings on your Journey

Thoughts of an Imagineer...